[CQ-Contest] 2010 ARRL DX SSB.

Martin Monsalvo, LU5DX lu5dx at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 11 06:03:38 PST 2010

We would like to say Thank you so very much to all those who gave us call during last weekend's ARRL INT'L DX SSB Test at LP1H, and just emphasize how thrilling and pleasant it is for us to contact US Stations.Though propagation was tough on the low bands, in part due to QRN the first night, we managed to work 144 Qs on 80. Half of that on Sunday morning when the gray line was perfectly aligned between W1/2/3/4 and LU. Signals peaked then and everyone was coming at least S9.Javi LU7HH put together a short video with pics and some audio of the contest you can watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20QJF4_TolU
For the time being there is an article in Spanish at  http://www.lp1h.com.ar, but we'll post an hourly breakdown as soon as possible too.
We would like to thank Ramon LU5HM, Ramuco LU7HE and Monica, for their hospitality, friendship and continous support. They made us all feel like at home or even better during the whole weekend!!

Once again thank you all for the Qs, we really appreciate it.
Hope to see you all in WPX SSB!!!

The LP1H team.


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