[CQ-Contest] 80M phone split

(N0AH) Bryon "Paul" Veal bryonveal at msn.com
Thu Mar 11 20:26:26 PST 2010

Good comment on the split issue.........All because the band/subband 
allocations change over time doesn't mean the DX windows do- thus, the need 
for working split exist for  a lot of traditional reasons and get amplified 
in a contest. Local QRM/QRN is amazing depending where you are operating. I 
operated from 3DA0AX and F5/N0AH and found running SSB split was the only 
possible way to find clear frequencies on either side of the ponds for 
successful long distant contest QSO's.  Unfortunately, the traditional DX 
windows certainly seem to be degrading with various popular digital modes in 
the middle of the CW and SSB DX windows.  And of course, I know all of the 
EU's listening up on the farm frequencies during a contest is a pain but 
what a time to figure out split and have fun!

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