[CQ-Contest] RTTY Sprint Log Submittal Problems

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Sun Mar 14 12:10:11 PDT 2010

One of two problems is fixed, so logs can be submitted via the web form on
the NCJ web site.  The web form was rejecting logs because the 14 March date
didn't match "10 March", which was a web form error.  The web form now
understands the contest was on 14 March.  If you received an error response
when you used the web form, your log was not received and you will need to
re-submit.  This includes any actual errors in you log besides the bogus
date error from the web form problem.  Once you get a confirmation number
from the web form, you log is safely submitted, irrespective of the second
problem, discussed below.

The second problem is in the robot that the web form passes the logs to.  It
also has a date problem and (1) tells you your log was received after the
deadline, and (2) rejects all QSO lines with a time/date outside of 00-04z,
18 October 2009.  Clearly, all your QSO data will be rejected.  However, if
you submitted your log via the web form and it was accepted at that point,
no further action is required on your part.  We have your log and will
resubmit internally to the robot when the robot is fixed.

Now, if you did NOT use the NCJ web form (the preferred log submittal
method), and instead sent it to rttysprint at ncjweb.com, then it is
automatically forwarded to the robot and subject to having all the QSO lines
rejected.  In this case, you must resubmit your log to the web form on the
NCJ website.  You will not be able to successfully submit your log to
rttysprint at ncjweb.com until later today when the robot is fixed.  (But, you
shouldn't be submitting your log there anyway!  Please use the NCJ web

Finally, if you sent your log directly to me, you are done.  I will submit
to the web form on your behalf.

If you're still confused and have questions, please contact me.

Ed - W0YK
NA RTTY Sprint Manager
Ed Muns
Muns Vineyard - www.munsvineyard.com 
FaceBook - www.facebook.com/munsvineyard

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