[CQ-Contest] Going from 50 to 70 ft.

Ralph Bellas k9zo at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 20 08:17:07 PDT 2010



I'm beginning to frame up an article for the July/August NCJ  "Contesting on a Budget" column.  The topic will be to look at the benefits, costs, and considerations associated with raising a tower from 50 feet to 70 feet.  Here are some of the thoughts I have:



You will hear and work dx which was previously unavailable.  My estimate is that you will add an S unit.

Occasionally get to run dx, especially during non-contest times.

Be able to raise your lowband antennas.

Add the possibility of mounting a tribander in a fixed direction to add contest flexibility.

Possibly decrease RF in your shack and get rid of unresolved problems.



If you live in a hill, or have a good view, perhaps there will not be as great a benefit.

Now you always must use proper safety equipment when climbing.

Perhaps this is the time to replace coax, or go to a bigger antenna.

It becomes more noticable

Is a permit required?

You will need to locate a gin pole for the last few sections.

Could your signal be worse to certain areas?



Probably you will be moving away from the simple house bracketed tower and will have to add real anchors and guy wires.  
You might have to relocate the tower and use two sets of guy wires.

Two sections of tower, turnbuckles, clamps, rotor cable, coax, tape



If you have been in the situation where you have raised your tower I'd love to hear from you and learn what you came across.  Thanks.



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