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"Contesters have an extremely bad name with the balance of the Ham

I'd would suggest this single comment invalidates the entire complaint.

If I were to say "Rag chewers have an extremely bad name with[in] the
balance of the Ham community", and cited examples such as the mess on
14.275 with VE7KFM, or the way W4RHE or other non contesters have
vehemently guarded "THEIR" frequencies even when not in use, I would be
painting the amateur community with an extremely broad brush.

Every contest someone complains. I am quite sure there are a few
contesters that operate in a manner that is beyond reproach, yet I have
met hundreds that deserve considerable respect for the way they conduct
themselves during contests.

Furthermore, I would suggest that any amateur that expects to find a
"clear frequency" upon which to have a successful conversation during a
major contest is clearly being unreasonable.

Let me suggest to the entire amateur community, if you wish to make a
complaint, make a reasonable complaint. Complain about a SPECIFIC
instance and provide call signs, frequencies and times. If you can
record the instance, do that too.

I am sure the amateur contesting community would be far more receptive
to complaints that are substantive as opposed to general complaints
about contesting. I am also quite sure that the contesting community
would put considerable pressure on a single [repeat] offender.

Keep in mind, amateur radio and radio contesting are WORLD WIDE
activities governed by different laws, cultural ethics.

David ~ KY1V

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During and after the WPX SSB Contest, I received a number of emails
complaining about the behavior of various contesters on the bands.  We
do all need to remember that we are sharing the road with others and
must do our part to help get along.

I have copied one such message below that should remind us of this.
Randy, K5ZD

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I have been an amateur for over 40 years. I am interested in many facets
of Ham Radio, contesting is not one of them. That said, I am also aware
that contesting is a very popular activity. Looking over the information
available to current and prospective contesters I find nothing printed
that suggests proper protocol. 

Contesters have an extremely bad name with the balance of the Ham
When a contest is on it seems to bring out the "to heck with you, I am
going to do what I want." attitude. As long as I can be heard I care not
for what you are doing.
Sadly most of the complaining is done amongst the Hams that are on the
air most every day and not contesting.

This letter to you is to lodge a complaint. If the rest of us behaved
during a contest with the utter disregard for the Gentleman aspect of
our hobby that used to be known as "The Gentleman's hobby" I am sure
that the contest community would also be complaining.

There is Ham Radio outside of contesting and those of us that enjoy this
would really appreciate consideration by the weekend contesters. Do not
blindly call "CQ contest" without listening to see if the frequency is
in use, and if it is respect the stations using it.

Thank you for listening.

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