[CQ-Contest] Contest Calls

John_Laney at gamb.uscourts.gov John_Laney at gamb.uscourts.gov
Mon Mar 29 14:25:30 PDT 2010

It seems to that the situation posited by Jeff, KU8E, is OK if it is 
understood that both the licensee and the control op are equally 
responsible for compliance and the permission is documented in the 
"station records."  W4AN and a group used WW4T at the W4AN contest station 
for a WPX contest a few years ago.  There are other examples.  I don't see 
any regulatory or contest compliance problems if the permission was 
properly documented, however you do that.  With no logging requirement (or 
minimum at least), there are few station records these days, except the 
license itself.  I still keep a paper logbook for non contest QSOs, so I 
would have the permission in writing and staple it in the back of the 
logbook.  73, John, K4BAI.

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