[CQ-Contest] Foot switch recommendations

Mike N0HI mike at n0hi.net
Tue Mar 30 09:06:19 PDT 2010

Generic cheap-o brand.  The way I see it, if a rotor breaks or a radio 
breaks or a computer cracks up during a contest, you have a problem.  If 
the footswitch goes, you're probably going to be fine.  Especially if 
you take advantage of the $8 price and buy an extra or two.

Mike DeChristopher, N0HI

Rex Lint wrote:

> What make would these be?
>       -Rex-
>        K1HI
>        Rex Lint
>        Merrimack, NH 
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> I bought a bunch of $8 music-shop keyboard foot pedals.  They have 1/4" 
> plugs and work just as well as any "ham-specific" pedal would.  When 
> they stop working, at $8, I won't be too upset.

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