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Even better, a lot of companies use liquidators to sell comps on ebay
for dirt cheap. I picked up from my trading firm in 2008 a dual core
Dell precision workstation for $400 sans harddrive. I have seen some
pretty powerful comps for $100 that will do more than enough for ham
use, as companies with excess inventory dump the comps, monitors, etc.
The computer I got was deemed 'too slow' for a trader.

As for radios, a lot of the mid 90 kenwood, yaesu and icoms go for
less than 1K, I have even seen some knwds for ~500
(450's,850's,etcetc). You can put together a nice station, complete
with logging, digi modes, comp control for sub 1k. If you're extra
resourceful, perhaps less than that. Someone even mentioned the piexx
boards for the ts930. Another excellent choice and the 930 is a good

As for antennas, local clubs are a good resource. If you already have
a tower, many people if you help them dismantle theirs will give you
their antennas. An old vertical also works well too, spend a weekend
refurbishing it.

I use Logger32 (free) for general logging, etc and TR4W/N1MM for contesting.

73 and good luck,

On 2/18/10, Dave - AB7E <xdavid at cis-broadband.com> wrote:
> You can get a perfectly serviceable refurbished computer for $200 that would
> do everything you need.  A new computer-capable contest rig with few frills
> (such as a K3 with minimal options) would cost you about $2K.  N1MM is free
> and very simple to use if you set it up right, and it doesn't require any
> kind of keying interface other than an RS-232 cable (which somebody would
> probably also be willing to give to you for free.)  Whether you'd need
> better internet access is debatable.
> 73,
> Dave   AB7E
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> 4) Looks like I need to spend more than $5,000 to update my station;
> computer ($1k), radio ($4k), better internet access ($$?), keying interface
> ($100), new software (free?), etc… so that I can have a guest op for the
> rookie contest.
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