[CQ-Contest] 2010 Poisson d'Avril XE/K4AB

Larry K4AB larry.k4ab at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 17:31:04 PDT 2010

> 2010 Poisson d'Avril Contest
> QTH: Tabasco State, Mexico
> CATEGORY: Wireless Human Operator Remote-Execution
>                     Station ("WHORES")
> In celebration of the brilliant decision made by "The League" to add
> Mexican States as multipliers
> for the 10 meter contest, I decided to operate this one as a Fiesta, of
> sorts, using a remote based
> station in the Mexican State of Tabasco ("TAB").
> Before the 'test, I tried to pump myself up, mentally, by throwing a little
> Mexican themed fiesta.
> I prepared one of my specialties, a beef/pork crock-pot chili flavored with
> lots of my favorite sauce,
> Tabasco!  Of course, no self-respecting fiesta would be complete without
> copious amounts
> of Reserva Del Dueno tequila.  Man, that stuff is good.  It's so smooth
> without the super strong
> agave taste one finds with cheaper tequila.  I also decorated the shack
> with traditional Mexican
> banners, signs, and even a Pinata hanging from the ceiling fan.  With the
> warm musical sounds
> of Rafael Hernandez, "El Jibarito" playing loudly, I was primed and ready
> for lots of great runs!
> I fired up the station before the 'test to try things out, and boy, was the
> band crowded. I had visions
> of huge runs. There were signals all over the band, even way up in the
> band.  The conditions, or the
>  now half empty bottle of Del Dueno, had me thinking thoughts of a:
> ****NEW WORLD RECORD!*****
> The only difficult thing was getting the Heil Pro-Set to fit over my over
> sized sombrero.
>  I started on 14.347 to try and stay away from the nasty QRM, thinking the
> big guns would
>  have the lower end of the band covered up. I was READY finally for those
> long runs.
> Just as the contest started, though...Murphy struck.  A horrible noise
> filled the entire spectrum.
> It sounded like rain static, but in reality, it was SNOW static.Can you
> believe that?  Snow
> in Mexico. This weather is wacky!  My hopes for big runs were dashed.

>  I tried to stick it out for a least a few QSOs though.
>  Heard K1DG, but could never work him.  The most I got out of him was "I
> hear a station calling, but can't pull you through.  Call again later. QRZ?"
> Luckily, did manage one contact with K4BAI.  Man, does he enter EVERY
> contest?
> All in all, I was happy with my effort.  Trying new Xtreme technologies,
> celebrating the soon to be historic
> League decision, and of course the Reserva Del Dueno.
> I turned off the computer, finished the Tabasco chili and Del Dueno and
> watched a replay
> of the Grammys on DVD.  I especially enjoyed the duet with Taylor Swift and
> Stevie Nicks
> "Rhiannon" .  Stevie IS the "Gold Dust Woman"!!
> Soon after that, the tequila and chili really hit my stomach, and I finally
> had all the "runs" I wanted.
> Thanks for all the Q;'s!
> FINAL SCORE: 1 QSO x 1 MULT x Pd'A correction factor +42  = 42 Points.
> 73,
> Larry

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