[CQ-Contest] W7WHY Poisson D'Avril

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Wed Mar 31 20:40:03 PDT 2010

I have been wanting to try and run the PDA using a remote location.  I 
contacted a bunch of stations to see if I could run remote from their QTH's 
but somehow, everyone I contacted said that K1DG was running a remote 
through their stations.  Seems like he is trying to do the PDA from all 40 
zones at the same time (plus the 60 IARU zones).  Doesn't seem fair to me, 
but beings that he is the one who checks the logs, who knows what goes on.

Anyway, I though I'd try doing a remote from my own station.  I have 2 
towers spaced about 40 feet apart, so I rotated the two 20 meter antennas so 
they were pointing 180 degrees away from each other and worked myself long 
path.  This worked pretty well.

The biggest problem was the latency factor.  But, it worked out pretty well 
as I was actually working the station I had just worked before, the next 
station in line, and the station I was working in real time. so, this gave 
me a triple mult for each station I worked.  If the station I was working at 
the time was sending slow enough, I could actually squeeze a contact in 
between each of his characters.

I think I read in the rules this year that they were actually going to give 
points on distance, so this has to be a record score.  Going 25,000 miles on 
each contact had to be a first (not counting EME).  I don't think that 
anyone has ever worked a station from CN73 to CN73 before, long path.

Anyway, every year Doug has beaten me, but think this is the year when I 
finally get him.

I was going to calculate my score and send it in, but so far, I haven't 
found anything that will generate that large of a number.  I was going to 
send it in on disk, but it wouldn't fit.  Tried to put it on a USB stick and 
it still  wouldn't fit.  I started putting it on DVD's but ran out before I 
got done.  I may have to pack up my computer and send it in so Doug can 
calculate the score (if I can find a big enough box to put it in).

Anyway, thanks for all the Q's and the PDA is definately my favorite contest 
(next to the 10,000MHZ Sprint).  73

Radio 1   Hallicrafters FPM -300 MKII at 34.4 watts
Radio 2  National NCX-3 at 13.6 watts

Antenna 1  2 el monobander
Antenna 2  1 el Quadbander

Software  Home made in CPM

Computer  PET w/4k memory 

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