[CQ-Contest] New book by N6BT-ARRAY OF LIGHT-Straight talk about antennas & related subjects

K7LXC at aol.com K7LXC at aol.com
Wed May 5 12:59:54 PDT 2010

Howdy --
For years Tom Schiller, N6BT, has broken new ground  in antenna design and 
use. This new book - "ARRAY OF LIGHT - Straight talk about  antennas and 
related subjects" - is 288 pages of all of the lessons he has  learned over the 
years. It is profusely illustrated and has dozens of pictures  and 
performance information. Tom has given dozens of talks on antenna theory and  
performance over the years and was the founder of Force 12 Antennas which  
produced many innovative antennas for amateur and commercial use. Available from  
_www.championradio.com_ (http://www.championradio.com/) . 
Steve     K7LXC
Champion Radio Products

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