[CQ-Contest] LotW after ARRL DX

KL7RA richkl7ra at gmail.com
Fri May 7 10:27:10 PDT 2010

>Now looking into LotW there is really nothing happening!  Are US hams not
>using LotW at all?

For KL7 we had over 30% confirmed very quickly after the ARRL contests. 
More are confirmed every time I check. Any RTTY contest can have as high
as 60%. 

LoTW is a FB way to archive your contest logs even if you do not use the 
awards program and provides a quick way to check QSO's, etc. 

As Randy pointed out the program is date/time sensitive. When uploading 
an old contest log I inverted the day-month and noticed none of the Q's 
were confirmed. Easy to fix but that "bad" log is now in my file forever. 

I hope someday I can remove it but this is not allowed last time I asked. 
Really doesn't matter much except for me wanting a perfect contest data 
log file.

Another change that I have asked for is allow a contest log for a weekend
for 48 hour blocks. My contest logs for the 80's and into the early 90's are 
in computer "basic" text files used for duping without the times. Most of 
our paper logs with 80 Q's a page just have the time noted "now and then".

I have not taken the interest to reformat these old logs with times or writing 
a simple log converter program of some sort but I did notice there are a lot 
of QSO's by others for my station in the master data base during all those 
early years in LoTW. 

You can check the LoTW master data base in Dayton next week at the 
ARRL booth to see how many have your call logged vs the number of
QSL's you have.   

73 Rich KL7RA      

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