[CQ-Contest] LotW after ARRL DX

Wayne Mills n7ng at bresnan.net
Fri May 7 13:55:54 PDT 2010

Yes, the tip of the day. (It's been a while, and I forgot...) Actually, you
don't need to remove the rules in order to cause LoTW to recalculate your
WAS numbers.

Just START to make a change by clicking "Modify Account." Then click the
"Edit Rule" link after [just] one of your rules. Then click "Change" on the
next screen, WITHOUT MAKING ANY CHANGES." Finally, click "Save account

This process will bring your account up to date.

73, Wayne, N7NG
Jackson Hole

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Hi Ryan!

This was the tip oft he day! All of a sudden it has started populating!

Basic	50 	0 	0 	50
160M 	38 	0 	0 	38
80M 	40 	0 	0 	40
40M 	47 	0 	0 	47
20M 	50 	0 	0 	50
17M 	1 	0 	0 	1
15M 	49 	0 	0 	49
12M 	3 	0 	0 	3
10M 	43 	0 	0 	43


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Hi Helmut,

Perdonally I make it my policy to upload to LoTW immediately after any
contest.  I realize this may be bad for ARRL's servers but I want to
get the log uploaded asap so I don't forget.

As for WAS you should check to see if your WAS account is properly
configured. There is a quirk in the system such that it might not pick
up all of the WAS eligible qsos. So what I do is remove and recreate
the rules that match for WAS. It often results in picking up several
states that the system somehow did not match on the first go. Try it.

Best 73
Ryan, N2RJ

On 5/7/10, Helmut Mueller <helmut at photo42.de> wrote:
> Hi There.
> I was working ARRL DX in both modes this year and thought I could do
> something for my WAS status.
> I had full house on a few bands in both modes and more than 6000 Q's
> combined - it was real fun.
> Now looking into LotW there is really nothing happening!  Are US hams not
> using LotW at all?
> On the DXCC status - it seems to be all right . but I have the feeling
> less than 5% are using it in the US?
> 73sss
> Helmut
>  <http://www.df7zs.de> www.df7zs.de
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