[CQ-Contest] RTTY Contests

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Wed May 19 09:24:23 PDT 2010

ON5GQ asked:
> Recently I started with RTTY and BSK31.
>  I use the program MixW, but now I would like to participate 
> in RTTY contests.
> For contests in SSB I use WIN-TEST and  SD, but I would like 
> to have advises which program I should use for RTTY contests.
> I know MixW  has a contest mode but it is not up to date and 
> quite elemental.

A large portion of the logs received for the two CQ RTTY contests are
created from MixW.  This logger is very popular with European RTTY
contesters.  That said, I think Win-Test is a stronger contest logger than
either MixW and SD.  For the RTTY mode, Win-Test uses the free-ware MMTTY
program which is fully integrated for seamless operation.

My advice is to use the software you are most familiar and comfortable with.
If I understand your situation, you could use MixW with no new learning.  If
you use Win-Test, you will have to learn the RTTY features (based on MMTTY),
but you are otherwise familiar with Win-Test and it is a more powerful
contest logger.  You can decide on that basis, but either MixW or
Win-Test/MMTTY will work fine for you in contests.

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