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k3bu at optimum.net k3bu at optimum.net
Sun May 23 19:20:05 PDT 2010


> While salt water is definitely good for verticals, but it 
> doesn't help horizontally polarized antennas like Yagis. 

Not true. Even horizontally polarized antennas gain from the salt water. Besides enhancement from the ground, reflection conditions in the immediate vicinity of the array, signals at the salt water edge are enhanced regardless of polarization.

> For the low bands 
> (160/80) where construction of large Yagis is a mechanical 
> challenge, a 4SQ is hard to beat. 

IMHO it is waste to build Yagis for 160/80, Quad is mechanically simpler and electrically superior.

> However for the higher bands, it's difficult 
> for a vertical array's gain to compete with the ground gain and 
> stacking gain of a Yagi

So we are trying to compare 1 - 4 el V array vs. 4 H stack of 10 - ?? elements?

Another big benefit of the salty beach is that there are no noise sources out there, S/N is superior over inland infested by dimmers and plasmas.

73 Yuri K3BU.us

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