[CQ-Contest] 7QP logs due in 10 days

Dick Frey - K4XU k4xu at arrl.net
Tue May 25 23:56:45 PDT 2010

Ten more days to get your 7QP log into 7qplogs at codxc.org

Log submissions are way ahead of 2009 partly due to N1MM's ability to 
run the NEQP, InQP and 7QP at the same time in one log. (Thanks to smart 
work by K3CT.) 

Regardless of your logging program, if you played in any or all three, 
the same log file can be submitted to each party because the log 
checkers simply discard any non-counting QSOs. No more log editing to 
submit your score. If it's not exactly Cabrillo format but some form of 
clear text file, send it in. It's far easier for us to cut and paste a 
column or two in a non-conforming text file than it is to enter an 
entire log by hand. Though they are not our favorite, we even accept 
ADIF files.

7QP is the eight states in the 7th call area, 259 counties in all, with 
an area three times the size of Texas. We have never been able to get 
more than 210 of them active in one weekend. To address this, in 2011 we 
are going to offer a special "rare county bounty" -- a 100 QSO point 
bonus for activating any of the counties missed in the last three years. 
It is not finished yet but there are about 50 on the list. Many are 
contiguous and it raises the possibility of some very attractive mobile 
operations next year. The list will be posted with the 2011 rules on Jan 15.


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