[CQ-Contest] Packing electronics for TSA inspection

Eric K9GY k9gy at sbcglobal.net
Thu May 27 05:23:00 PDT 2010

Funny story that happened yesterday at O'Hare (Chicago): 

Two suitcases checked baggage
a) $50 Walmart chair 
b) wires, metal boxes, coax leads, etc 

Two carry-on: 
a) Pelican with radios, tuners, etc 
b) computer in carrying bag etc 

The TSA decides to inspect the suitcase with the $50 Walmart chair. 
Seemed like they were interested in the lever/support for the underside 
of the chair. 

Moral of the story is that TSA misses the stuff they should be inspecting! 
(some call the TSA= Thousands Standing Around) 

>From my experience: The USA security inspectors feel like they have to 
take almost (if not all) of the stuff out of the luggage to check it. This 
has happened with my carry on pelican case. I always put a copy of FCC 
license and foreign license on top so that is the first thing they see. 
In foreign countries, they usually skim/read the local license and then 
that's enough to not have to look any further. 

Once TSA did 10 swabs on my pelican and I asked the guy about it. 
He said the first one came up positive but the other nine didn't. 

I lucked out once coming back through Houston. The inspector lady had 
a relative that was a ham so she understood what I was. 

Anything of value/fragile goes with me inside the cabin in the pelican. 
I have never checked any radios or computers. I think that's just asking 
for problems. 

So your stuff might get the full unpacking or never be touched. 

73, Eric K9GY aka-YN2GY 

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