[CQ-Contest] Use of CW decoders in contests

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Thu May 27 19:13:58 PDT 2010

If a code reader will get more people involved in contesing, I don't see any 
way that would be a negative thing.  CW comes natural to me, but I know is 
doesn't to a lot of others.

What would be the best option--use a code reader and get on the air or don't 
use one and stay off the air.  73

> We are having a discussion in our club regarding the use of CW decoder
> programs in contests, especially smaller ones like state QSO parties.  I'm
> referring to CW copying programs like CWget or DM780, not Skimmer.  I'm
> looking for some outside input - here are some specific questions on which
> we have differences of opinion.
>  - Should the use of CW decoders be disallowed by sponsors, or should
> there
> be a separate entry category for entrants that use them?
>  - Can CW entries that use  a decoder be considered digital entries?
>  - Have any contests disallowed CW decoders or put them in a separate
> entry
> category?
>  - If a contest introduced such rules, how might it affect the perception
> of
> that contest in the contest community?
> Any comments appreciated!
>  - Tom, K9BTQ

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