[CQ-Contest] real time scores this weekend expanded!

Fri Oct 1 11:02:25 PDT 2010

As I noted before:

> The California QSO Party is now set up in the real time score site.  The
> manual posting page and universal posting app should be ok.  But n1mm
> logger doesn't send the Cabrillo id that the other ones using the
> universal poster will.
> The other contests it is ready for are the TARA PSK Rumble and the Oceania
> SSB contest.

There is now a link to the WinTest score posting info by 5b4wn on the
getscores.org home page.  Also there is a change in progress that would
enable n1mm logger to work for qso parties like CQP this weekend...
hopefully it will be available soon.

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