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disappointed to see the announcement of the COMENT OCEANIA... 09 AND 10 OCTOBER 
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Hi all

The Oceania DX Contest Committee was also disappointed to see the 
announcement of the CQ SA SSB contest for the same weekend as the 
Oceania DX CW Contest. This is the weekend that the Oceania DX CW 
contest has been held on for many decades.

We have already written to the CQ SA SSB contest organisers separately 
about this matter.

It is our view that a continental contest like this should not be 
planned to coincide with the same dates as other existing continental 
contests. There are more than enough weekends available for each 
continent to have a set of dates which do not clash.

Consequently, we have asked the CQ SA SSB organisers to choose dates 
for the new contest which do not clash with our contest or other 
continental contests. We appreciate that it may be too late to change 
the dates for the 2010 event , but we strongly urge the CQ SA SSB 
organisers to consider alternative dates for the 2011 event.

At the very least it would have been helpful if the CQ SA SSB 
organisers had consulted with other affected contest organisers before 
announcing the new contest and dates.


Brian Miller ZL1AZE
Chair of OCDX Contest Committee

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> Hello Muniz,
> I do not agree at all...
> Before launching the CQ SSB CONTEST SA, it would have been good to 
> check
> WA7BNM and SM3CER Contest Calendars, so see if the weekend October 
> 9-10 was
> available as a potential weekend for your brandnew contest.
> I am not against the new South American Contest, but to start a 
> completely
> new contest requires a little bit of survey to see what other 
> contests are
> taking place the same weekend.
> It is not enough to just create a home page, copy and paste rules 
> from any
> other "World Wide Contest", make some marketing and think there will 
> be no
> confusion.
> It is not at all ideal that a brand new SSB contest is appearing on 
> the same
> weekend as SAC SSB (52 years history).
> CQ WW RTTY made the same mistake as CQ SSB CONTEST SA when that 
> contest all
> of a sudden appeard on a weekend when SAC SSB always had been on for
> decades. However, this is a little different, because we are talking 
> about a
> tuly different mode.
> SAC SSB realized that the popularity of the CQ WW RTTY Contest was
> increasing year by year. We therefore realized that we needed to 
> move to a
> seemingly free SSB contest weekend.
> Now, 8 days ago, I for the first time receive your invitation to 
> take part
> in your new contest. Thank you very much - but timing is not very
> professionally planned. This applies to both the weekend you chooose 
> without
> looking into the two recognized contest calendars (WA7BNM and 
> SM3CER), as
> your very late marketing of the contest.
> I do not think this is professional from the Brazilian side!
> SM6LRR, Mats
> 2010/10/1 Muniz Pepy <py2zy at ymail.com>
>> Hello friends,
>> Friends who participate in the contest scandinavia may send their 
>> logs for
>> the
>> CQ SSB CONTEST SA, because the formats are equal, just have to 
>> change the
>> category that participated. For some categories are different or 
>> not exist.
>> So
>> we have two competitions in one ....... 73all
>> www.brcontest.com
>> PY2ZY - Muniz - Cantareira Dx Group
>> http://cantareiradx.com

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