[CQ-Contest] [wrtc2010] WRTC 2014 Team Selection Criteria

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Tue Oct 5 17:14:31 PDT 2010

Yup ... totally.  One of the more indignant complaints I've seen so far 
came from someone who didn't even bother to read, or at least 
understand, the published rules.

I think it's funny to see the bitching about the Single Band formula for 
WRTC 2014 when Single Band scores weren't even allowed to count for WRTC 
2010.   It's probably also worth pointing out that WRTC 2014 itself is 
NOT a single band competition.  It's kind of like saying I want to 
qualify for the Olympic Decathlon by being a world class pole vaulter.

I think that it's counterproductive for people to try to identify 
unlikely scenarios that MIGHT create a score disparity instead of 
acknowledging that the selection committee had to work with probable 
scenarios, and that the effort to deal with increasing detail and 
complexity in the scoring process follows an exponential curve.

While some people have raised some interesting points, most of the 
complaints I've seen so far aren't much different than if someone wanted 
a different contest to be included in the criteria.  They are, as you 
say, simply vitriolic gripes that the selection criteria doesn't match 
how that person wants to operate.

Dave   AB7E

On 10/5/2010 11:43 AM, Rich K2WR wrote:
> In the interest of civility, I'm disappointed at the strong language already directed at K1TO over the selection criteria just announced for WRTC 2014.  Setting selection criteria is a no-win game for the person(s) doing the setting, and I think, at the very least, that everyone should give Dan, and those he worked with, the benefit of having been willing to let a big target get put on their backs.
> The criteria had to get approved by the Sanctioning Committee, which includes considerable international membership, so it's not as if Dan just pulled this out of the air.
> With regard to single-band efforts and weighting, I think it's generally reasonable for those putting on the event to get to make the rules.  As long as the criteria are the same for everyone and do not blatantly favor any particular part of the world, complaints this early tend to take on the aspect of "how do these criteria affect MY plans?"
> If you know three years in advance of the selections that your chances of surviving the process are improved by emphasizing all-band efforts, then your most advantageous course of action is clear.  Everyone is subject to the same rules.
> I guess I'll put my own flame suit on now.
> Rich

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