[CQ-Contest] Over 2000 Logs CQ WW RTTY Received

Ed Muns w0yk at msn.com
Fri Oct 8 08:53:18 PDT 2010

Thanks to the more than 2000 participants who have submitted logs.  We look
forward to receiving many more.

A large number of logs, particularly MixW logs, are missing the QTH
information in the QSO data.  All QSOs with US/VE stations cannot be counted
in the final score if the QTH data is missing.  That is a required part of
the exchange and needs to be in the log.  Non-US/VE QSOs should have 'DX' in
the QTH field for both sent and received exchanges.  I suspect the QTH data
is in the original log but did not get transferred to the Cabrillo file.
You should always look at your Cabrillo file with a simple text editor to be
sure it is correct.There are detailed instructions at
www.cqwwrtty.com/logs.htm for creating a proper Cabrillo log file, with
specific instructions for MixW users.

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