[CQ-Contest] CQ WW 2010 Update Webinar

Ken Claerbout k4zw at verizon.net
Thu Oct 28 04:39:18 PDT 2010

   For those that missed it, the CQ WW 2010 Update Webinar from this past
   Sunday has been posted to [1]www.pvrc.org under the Recorded Webinars link.
    Thanks to Bob, K3EST and Doug, KR2Q for joining us and the 250 registrants
   from over 45 WW DX countries for making it a great event!  Good luck this

   Ken K4ZW

   new e-mail address  ([2]k4zw at verizon.net)


   1. http://www.pvrc.org/
   2. mailto:k4zw at verizon.net

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