[CQ-Contest] The danger of packet/cluster use

Tom Osborne w7why at frontier.com
Fri Oct 29 08:52:49 PDT 2010

Zack says:

>A lot of people (including me) do it this way -

>(Him): CQ de RG8U
>(Me): W9SZ
>(Him): W9SZ 5NN 1043
>(Me): RG8U 5NN 406
>(Him): TU RG8U

Hi Zack

I think that is the right way.  But, lots also do it this way-

(Him): CQ de RG8U
(Me): W7WHY
(Him): W7WHY 5NN 1043
(Me): 5NN 406
(Him): TU RG8U

Where in that sequence does it show that I got his call right?  73

> When you call a runner, give HIS call at least once.  I'm sure if the 
> runner
> had any idea
> of what station the callers THOUGHT they were working, the runner would
> immediately
> correct it...IF anyone would have bothered to listen to the 
> correction...and
> I'm sure Randy
> gave his call many times during this time frame.
> Of course, many of those (all in this case?) relying on cluster probably
> just point-and-click
> and dump in the callsign without ever listening to anything, except for
> THEIR callsign
> coming back at them.

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