[CQ-Contest] From 6Y1V

Colin Jenkins (KU5B) colin at ku5b.com
Tue Sep 14 18:46:15 PDT 2010

Let me echo David's sentiments.

As a fairly new ham back in the VP5X days and going through the application
process, I can attest to the high level of generosity and support David and
Stacy have for serving the younger ham cohort. After meeting both of them at
a CTDXCC Summerfest a few years ago I realised first hand how involved they
both are with making these wonderful trips possible.

As a young(ish) contester, I've had the great privilege of operating with
many experienced operators in both Texas and abroad. In fact, Paul G6PZ is
another great example of a mentor to youth. I've made three trips to operate
there for both of the CQWW contests and it has been an experience like no
other. The fact that the majority of the team is <40 years old is just icing
on the cake. Another prevalent generous operator is David, K1TTT. His
invitation e-mails always seem so welcome (and, he's a real nice guy).

Many others have opened their doors to me and I've formed some great
relationships and have learned much from them.

So, not as eloquently as David put it, open your doors to newbies and I
think you'll find yourself rewarded.

Colin KU5B

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