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Jorge Diez - CX6VM cx6vm.jorge at adinet.com.uy
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Hi Bob,

This are great news. Hope the log submission time will be reduced more to
avoid people to correct logs manually.

What about that:

* additional operators for a single operator entry. How do you will control
this? More CQWW people visiting top single operators stations to control

* you cannot receive help which could impact your score in *ANY* way from
*another person......   that´s means that you cannot receive any help during
the contest, for example bringing you food and water, repairing any problem
with antennas, rotors, radios, amps that fail during the contest,
connecting/disconnecting antennas, etc?


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*CQ WW CC Update*

*September 14, 2010*

The fall contest season is just around the corner.  The CQ WW CC would like
to announce a few changes for the 2010 CQ WW contests. *First*, we have
significantly expanded the assisted category award program. *Second*, we
have reduced the log submission time. You can find details below.

*Assisted Category Award Expansion*

As was mentioned in our January 18, 2010 update, the CQ WW CC, as with all
entries,  will do everything it can to provide fairly judged single operator
and single operator assisted categories.

With this update we announce the *strengthening *of the assisted awards
program. The CQ WW CC will be expanding the award system for the assisted
category starting with the *2010 CQ WW contests*.  *All low power and QRP
assisted entrants* will be specifically listed and eligible for awards as is
already the case for unassisted entries.  A *band-by-band breakdown* for all
band assisted World, Europe and USA will be provided within the 2010
results.  Lastly, we will *increase the number of plaques* available to
assisted entrants to include Europe all band and World single band.

We hope that the increased award program and reporting will encourage
assisted entrants to participate and try to win an award.

*Multi-single Category*

The multi-single category has always been very popular.  You can make sure
your entry is free of any problems by remembering to declare, for each QSO
in your log, which transmitter makes the QSO: run or multiplier station.
your contest logging software, you can designate each transmitter prior to
the contest.  If you need help, begin by contacting your software author. Of
course you can email us at questions at cqww.com.  We will try to help you.

*Play fair *

If you plan trying to make the *Top Score Box*, you can count on your log
being scrutinized. The use of undeclared packet, additional operators for a
single operator entry, two signals transmitting simultaneously on the same
band, or on separate bands at the same time, as a single operator, is in
violation of the CQWW rules. If you are multi-single, do not alter the times
in the log to conform to the ten minute rule.  Fortunately, the above
infractions apply to a *very small number of entrants*.  However be aware:
our log checking tools and methods continue to improve, it will be very
likely that you will be caught when breaking the rules.

If you enter the single operator un-assisted category, you cannot receive
help which could impact your score in *ANY* way from *another person or any
QSO spotting/reporting network*.  There is no problem with using any QSO
spotting network: *just claim to be assisted. **There are few requirements
to have fun in the CQ WW*: log the call sign and zone of the station you are
working, claim the correct category and obey the rule limitations of your
category.  Not so hard.

 Nearly everyone enters the contest to compete fairly and *have fun*.  A
fair competition means that everyone is following the same rules (you can
find the 2010 rules at cqww.com under rules tab).

*Log submission Deadline Change*

The CQ WW log submission deadline has been moved forward.  Starting with the
2010 contests, the *SSB log deadline will be November 21, 2010* and the *CW
deadline will be December 21, 2010*. Please make a note of this log
submission change.

*Translation of the CQ WW rules*

We are looking for contesters to help translate the CQ WW rules into
Mandarin Chinese, Bahasa Indonesian and Arabic. Contact questions at cqww.com,
if you can help.

*Xtreme Category*

The rules for the 2010 contests remain the same as last year. You can find
the rules for the Xtreme category at cqww.com under the rules tab. The
results of Xtreme category will be reported in the 2010 CW results.



Look for a new CQ WW CC Webinar in mid-October. The exact time and date will
be announced later by the PVRC.


Bob, K3EST

CQ WW Director
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