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Jorge Diez - CX6VM cx6vm.jorge at adinet.com.uy
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You went to the extreme!..

I am talking about things that is common to occur in a contest weekend, like
a rotor that don´t turn and you need at least to manually turn your beam to
have it fixed to Europe for example.

Or an antenna that is being fixed by your friend while you operate in
another band waiting it to be fixed to change to this band.

This are really things that I´m interested to know if put you in assisted or

If you want a little of joke, we can talk about the food and drinks.
Sometimes I have my family in the station, but sometimes I am alone and
spent all the weekend with cookies and a gallon of water that I bring before
the contest start. On friday night the water is cold, but on Sunday
afternoon is warm under the hot days of our summer :-)

When this happens, when you are totally alone with no one to bring you a
nice glass of water with ice, I really feel that there´s no one more
unassisted than me!


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That's a red herring, Jorge.

"Assistance" in Radiosport terms means >operating< assistance.

Single ops are not required to grow their own food, build their own radios, 
generate their own electrical power, pump their own drinking water our of 
the earth, or bury their own body wastes..

They are only required to operate their stations on the air without 

But you already knew that.

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> * you cannot receive help which could impact your score in *ANY* way from
> *another person......   that´s means that you cannot receive any help 
> during
> the contest, for example bringing you food and water, repairing any 
> problem
> with antennas, rotors, radios, amps that fail during the contest,
> connecting/disconnecting antennas, etc?
> 73,
> Jorge


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