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Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Thu Sep 16 04:28:42 PDT 2010

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> I also hold the view that INFORMATION developed by others
> (cluster spots, super-check partial data files) are the
> essence of "assistance" because they are the result of the

That's a woolly definition.  The Reverse Beacon Network has
the potential to be of greater "assistance" than the cluster,
but it is not the work of other operators, any more than your
rig or your logging software are the work of other operators.

If you define "assistance" to be the use, during the contest,
of other (non-RF and non-amateur) modes, frequency bands,
communications systems or technologies to find or facilitate
QSOs, you're half-way there.  That includes cluster, the RBN,
and remote operations of any kind.

If you include decoders as "assistance" (in CW contests) that
covers skimmer.  And before anyone complains this rules out
"ordinary" decoders, why should an operator who doesn't know
CW ever get credit for a CW QSO?

There is little hope of SCP being regarded as "assistance"
- that's just another static reference file, regardless of
who worked on it.

Paul EI5DI

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