[CQ-Contest] The Meaning of Assisted

Radio K0HB kzerohb at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 08:13:55 PDT 2010

Nice one, Joe!

73, Hans, K0HB
From: "Joe Subich, W4TV" <lists at subich.com>

> In my opinion rules should be technology agnostic and the
> criteria should be simply:  1) did one operator make all
> of the QSOs:  did the operator receive or confirm the call
> and exchange and did he transmit his own call and exchange.
> 2) did any information - calls, exchanges, frequencies, etc.
> - come from outside the station.  3) was the operator and
> all equipment used during the contest contained within the
> permitted area (e.g., "station circle" as defined by the
> sponsor).  4) was any other *person* involved in any way
> to make or facilitate any QSO.


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