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Paul O'Kane pokane at ei5di.com
Sat Sep 18 02:47:25 PDT 2010

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From: "Joe Subich, W4TV" <lists at subich.com>

> .. there are several contest sponsors who do not take a
> punitive view of Skimmer and have no restriction against
> its use by any single operator.

References would help.

> I am completely opposed to excluding any technology from
> single operator contests.

No one is likely to take that remark out of context :-)

In any competitive activity, there has to be rules to limit
technology - I know of no exceptions to this principle.
Single-operator contesting is no different.

I'll give one example. In Major League Baseball, the bat
must be a single piece of wood - no modern technology
such as plastic laminates or carbon-fibre composites.

Wouldn't a bat that gives extra speed mean more hits, more
home runs, and more fun for everyone?  The answer is No,
because it would disturb the fine balance between pitching
and batting.

Paul EI5DI

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