[CQ-Contest] The Meaning of Assisted

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Sun Sep 19 15:11:02 PDT 2010

There is more than a little truth to this... a simple "yes" is not a
complete answer.

WHY are some of these folks not in the logs?  (And not just Jim's)

...and my apologies for not getting on the WAE this weekend.  I'd hoped to,
but spending time with my 14 year old daughter (she'll be off to college
before you know it) yesterday, and spending time with my grandson today,
took priority.  


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Secondly, my question:  Am I the only one to notice that those with the 
biggest, uh, opinions on this Reflector are rarely found in any of my 
contest logs?

Over, and Out.

Vy 73,

Jim Neiger  N6TJ
 (next month CQ WW SSB as WH7V (hmmm, wonder if Jim's really going to Kure?)

and November CQ WW CW from 9Y4W,  (definitely not Kure) 

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