[CQ-Contest] 275 km preliminary rule suggestion

N7mal n7mal at citlink.net
Fri Apr 8 01:05:01 PDT 2011

I'm following this discussion with great interest. As I've already said I am 
out of the 275km circle along with 4 other guys in the Arizona Outlaws 
Contest Club.
I would like to propose the following modification to CQ's rules. This is 
just a starting point and can easily be refined and tweaked.
For the U.S. and Canada the boundary would be defined by the boundary of the 
state or province. For example anyone in the State of Arizona would be 
eligible as an Arizona contest club entry. Anyone within the boundary of 
Ontario, in Canada, would be eligible as an Ontario contest club entry.
Internationally the anyone within the boundaries of the 'smaller' countries 
would be eligible for contest club scores within the boundary of the smaller 
country. The larger international countries boundaries could be defined by 
either their call districts or their states/province. I don't exactly know 
how to define smaller countries. The larger countries are obvious, i.e. 
Russia, China, Australia, Brazil, etc. In my personal opinion population 
density should never be considered, only borders.
As I've said this is just a starting point. It's up to minds smarter than 
mine to make this into something workable. The 275km rule has outlived its 


Everyone in the world is
entitled to be burdened
by my opinion

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