[CQ-Contest] Club/Group competition 275 km radius in CQ Contest (petition for change).

Joe nss at mwt.net
Fri Apr 8 09:15:39 PDT 2011


Have been converted.  I agree.

Now how about this to level off the playing field.

Limit the number of "Members"  that each club can use as a group? Then 
you dont get the "Super Groups"

So in this case mileage does not matter.

Just limit the number to a number that all seem correct.

If you have more members than you can have, then a second group is 
formed, and a third, fourth  etc.  then we even have some freindly 
localized rivalry to add into the mix. It would be almost like a sports 
team.  where each team  tries to assemble the best team possible.



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On 4/7/2011 11:08 PM, Mike Fatchett wrote:
> I am in favor of getting more people involved not less.  Back to online
> gaming for a second, groups are formed all over the US and across the
> world adding like minded folks over time.
> I honestly do not know the CQ rules on the issue and have not had time
> to read them.  I know the Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado have a heck
> of a time attempting to include everyone from both sides of Colorado and
> southern Wyoming.  I would be nice to be able to include everyone that
> wants to be included.
> If everyone ended up joining the Super contesters of the world club then
> we would have a problem as there would be no more competition.  The club
> distance rules always favored the more populated areas found on either
> US coast.    I never quite understood why scoring wasn't done on the top
> X number of scores received for each club under each category.
> Should there be a way for All XE hams to contribute to an XE score?  I
> think so.  Maybe there could be a Central American contest club?  West
> of the Mississippi club, etc.
> Years ago the club competition seemed to be much more interesting than
> it is today.  Club scores are printed but not much is said about it anymore.
> Maybe the club competition is more of a factor in other parts of the
> world.  Is there still a huge rivalry between YCCC, PVRC and NCCC?  I
> stay pretty active and club competition rarely is talked about.
> Maybe the club competition needs to be revamped to make things much more
> interesting on a world wide basis.
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