[CQ-Contest] 4-22-2011 SNS

Chris Tate - N6WM ctate at ewnetinc.com
Tue Apr 19 10:25:07 PDT 2011

****Announcing the NCCC's (Northern California Contest Club) weekly Thursday night running of the SNS.****

Please wait just a split second on jump balls ("ns" talk for several stations answering a CQ).  Please be aware of the fact that there are stations just getting acclimated to sprinting, and can be easily intimidated so keep a sharp friendly ear, and maybe let a station inheriting a frequency throw out a cq prior to calling them.

Please keep your speed to between 18 to 26  WPM.  Stations running on the higher side of this please be willing to QRS for some of the slower operators.  Remember we are trying to welcome new sprinters to our ranks!

As usual We will be preceding  NSL XI    (A fantastic warm up for all, see notes from  N6ZFO ), with a 10 minute break prior. So for now, the Slow Speed NS is from 0200z to 0220z+  22 April 2011 .

20 m      14037-14043
40 m      7040-7047
80 m      3537-3543

POWER: 100 watt limit.

If you don't hear a CQ, send a CQ and don't worry about the couplet since this is only practice and hopefully an introduction to sprints for newbies.  I think stations might answer a CQ more likely than call CQ themselves.  With that said remember that newbies are listening to get up the nerve to jump in so don't hesitate to make Q's.

The SNS, NS and NS Ladder and the NCCC/NS Net on 3610 immediately following at 0300 are all part of the "Thursday night contesting" experience sponsored by the Northern California Contest Club!

Sites to help everyone for sprint contests.

NS home website is:

Need help with your logging software, macros, etc.? Feel free to drop me an email and we will do our best to assist!

73 es GL

New SNS Website and more exciting changes to come in the near future!  We are working on it so stay tuned!

Contest Director, SNS

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