[CQ-Contest] Winners Announcement: NCCC Sprint Ladder IX and X

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Thu Apr 28 18:15:19 PDT 2011

To:           CQ-Contest Reflector
Subject:   Award Winners, NCCC Sprint Ladder Contests NSL IX and X.

Ken, KE3X and Bill, N6ZFO are pleased to announce the following stations have won ham-made wine awards of W0YK Pinot Noir (www.munsvineyard.com) in the two most recent NCCC Sprint Ladder Competitions:

NSL IX - Fall of 2010:  
Wine Winners:  N9NB  N5DO  KZ5D  N4AF
[K6VVA] See note.

NSL X - Winter of 2010/11:
Wine Winners:  N4DW K9BGL WF7T

We should all learn WF7T's secret:  within a year's time, he has walked away with a top Dayton transceiver prize and now W0YK wine. Quoting from Brad's qrz.com page: 

"I have been playing in the Northern California Contest Club's Ladder series (http://www.ncccsprint.com). The NS Ladder is a difficult, but rewarding contest.  One half hour of CW mayhem each week designed to sharpen operating practices and station engineering."

We are especially pleased that N4AF has finally won some NS Wine.  He was declared winner of the NS Ladder's Wild Animal Division a couple years ago: Howie accomplished this feat after participating in NS Ladder after completing ER treatment for a Copperhead snake bite a few hours prior to the Thursday night contest.

[K6VVA]. . . while refining the weighted random drawing process of awards, we drew an "extra" winner, and it was The Locust, K6VVA.  During an impromptu visit to N6ZFO, Rick graciously accepted the following award sequence in lieu of W0YK wine:
   -  A tour of N6ZFO's extensive antenna farm consisting of one wire and one haphazard beam
   -  30 mins of prime playtime with Bill's cats, Moka and Talleyrand.
   -  A test bottle of 2008 Petite Syrah from N6ZFO's Talleyrand winery (in exchange for a bottle of K6VVA Contesters Blend 2007 Zinfandel/Petite Syrah.)
   -  30 minutes of unconstrained access to N6ZFO's refrigerator.

NCCC Sprint Ladder  XI is underway so join in the fun - there are five non-exclusive ways to gain entry into the weighted random drawing for wines each ladder:

- 1st Place in Division
- 1st or 2nd place in Division
- Top-25% score in Division
- Minimum 5-week participation
- Perfect 10-week Participation

Congratulations to the wine winners and Divisional winners, and CQ NS!


Ken Low, KE3X - NSL Awards Manager
Bill Haddon N6ZFO - NCCC Sprint Contest Director

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