[CQ-Contest] KR2Q - RX1CQ

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Thu Aug 4 17:41:08 PDT 2011

Why do we even bother anymore?

Nobody trusts the other contesters.  Everyone these days seems to be
presumed to be guilty of "cheating" -- yes, I know that there are people out
there rubber clocking, deliberately claiming the wrong category, and all the
rest, but I have yet to see proof that it's anywhere near a majority of
active contesters!

Nobody trusts the contest committees.  No score seems acceptable anymore.
Everything seems dubious... someone must have cut someone a deal or a break.

OK, so now we have to shorten the turn-around time between the end of the
contest and the submission deadline.  Because heaven forbid, someone takes 5
minutes to look over his or her log.  Obviously a cheater, reviewing his/her
work.  (And the Red Queen said, Off With His Head!)

So first the demand for open logs, and privacy rights be damned... usually
under (IMHO) some of the most dubious excuses and false pretenses I've seen.
But it must be done, because no one trusts the other competitors or the

Now demands that the UBN logs have to be published in the open as well.  So
we can all "learn" from them.  Right.  Sure.  

What's next?  Start harassing the casual operator who didn't bother to send
in a log... obviously must be cheating and in cahoots, otherwise why didn't
they send in a log.  Oh no, we can't have that... you operate in a contest,
you MUST turn in a log and accede to all the other demands.

Oh, almost forgot.  Trash all that older equipment, no matter how clean the
transmitter or quiet the receiver.  Drake C-Line with Sherwood Filters?
Collins S-Line?  Ten-Tec Corsair?  Forget them all and everything else of
their vintage.  If that radio doesn't have a computer interface, you can't
use it.  Got to have the exact QRG.  Can't have someone cheat there, either.
And let's cross check every contact against cluster posts and RBN
receptions... we must make certain that no one is using packet who isn't
supposed to.  After all, we can't trust anyone.  

No, your word and mine, our oath that we followed the rules in letter and
spirit to the best of our ability... just not good enough anymore.  Can't
take the chance that you or I are a cheat and/or a liar.  Let's just assume
that everyone is just that until proven otherwise.

Lovely.  Nothing like a little suspicion and paranoia ad infinitum ad

Why even bother?

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Amazing "performance" by the guys checking the logs of the QRP-section of
the contest I would say.

I have seen many dubious results in QRP during the years, but the CQWW 2010
results must compete in a very unique category.

Anything else than publishing of the two UBN-logs would be a big

Please observe that I do not take any side in this debate. The winner could
definitely be the legitimate winner, BUT noone, and I mean noone, can manage
to keep the claimed scores unchanged...

If the CQWW CC lacks interest, skills or guts to fairly judge the
QRP-section, then better remove this category at all!

The efforts made by QRP-contesters are by no means less impressive than HP-
and LP-entries. These guys need the same kind of attention and detailed
checking as anyone else. A lot of things is going in behind the curtains in
QRP-contesting - therefore careful and EQUAL treatment of all top-scoring
stations should be compulsory.

73 and 72 / RA/SM6LRR, Mats
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