[CQ-Contest] my trip to Moscow

Rick Dougherty NQ4I nq4i at contesting.com
Sat Aug 13 10:25:31 PDT 2011

A few days back I put a cq Moscow on the reflector..was answered by
RA3FT and UA9USU...both are operators at RL3A...this is the station we
all read and saw the pictures
of the massive ice storm damage and just almost couldn't believe the
amount of damage..welI am happy to report that the station is almost
100% again...the towers are rebuilt and the antennas are bigger and
better..I was really impressed with the 5 el 40m yagi on a 27 meter
boom at about 150 ft...unbelievable!! And the 350 metal smokestack
that supports
numerous low band antennas is amazing...the ingenuity of these
operators, and all of this is located in the city limits of
Moscow...right next to a factory and many businesses...really
impressive...they have beverages in a forest across the road and maybe
1/4 mile or more away from the station...they have really made the
best of every possible
thing they can..so when you work them this year in CQWW maybe you will
have a little of the rest of the story.....Great rebuild job!

de Rick NQ4I

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