[CQ-Contest] Contest Exchange

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 3 02:27:44 PST 2011

FWIW here's what I do.

I program the TU QRZ macro to send TU VE7FO TEST.
If I have to send CQ several times between answers then I let the macro 

If I'm getting one or two calls after completing a Q I truncate the 
macro to TU VE7FO by hitting the ESC key before TEST gets sent.  Those 
who are waiting to call me know that I'm in the contest and that I'm 
running.  Those who happen by have to wait for 1 cycle (15 - 20 seconds 
with good ops at each end and decent cndx) to figure out that I'm 
running.  That's fine by me as I'd rather have two stations calling me 
at the same time than three.

If I've got a pileup I truncate the macro to TU by hitting the ESC key 
at the appropriate time.  After doing this for 3 Qs I truncate the macro 
to TU VE7FO so folks who have arrived in the last 60 seconds or so will 
find out who I am.  I personally feel that not announcing your call at 
least once every 3 Qs is grossly inconsiderate and arrogant.

73, Jim	VE7FO

On 2/2/2011 7:07 AM, Barry Merrill wrote:
> I think the final line should be
> with the final TEST bumped up in speed, perhaps.
> If I just hear N4ZR at the end, I think you are
> S&P and calling someone else, or I have to wait
> for you to CQ again (thus missing this chance
> to work you before someone else).
> 73
> Barry, EI/W5GN
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