[CQ-Contest] More busted calls in RBN than human spots?

Barry Gross n1eu.barry at gmail.com
Mon Feb 21 08:27:03 PST 2011

W2UP commented: "Got my first taste of the RBN at K0RF this weekend.
Maybe K1TTT can do an analysis, but it seemed that the Skimmer missed
lots of dits at the
beginning of calls, as well as picking up stray letters.  My favorite
call was that M/M from Argentina, LW3LPL"

I'd love to see a count of the spots of LW3LPL or T5G.  This was a bit
out of control, eh?.  Was there any effort at callsign validation?  Or
was it just some wayward nodes dumping the bad spots?

All that being said, I much appreciated the efforts at developing the
RBN spots and got smarter at looking at the crowded bandmap and
recognizing bogus RBN spots where they lay.

What would really be fantastic, would be the ability to go back after
the contest and generate an online report of your RBN spots from a
selected continent and be able to compare signal strengths with other
stations in your area that were spotted by the same spotter.

73, Barry N1EU

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