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Excellant suggestion, however, the one thing that, in fact, is the most beneficial, is, unfortunately, the least
measurable. That is, the additional skills and knowledge learned by each operator, making each of them a 
better equipped operator to work in the assisted situations. 

--... ...-- Dale - WC7S in Wy

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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Just one weekend
> NR4M, K7SV, and I were at the farm this weekend and this topic came up. I 
> seem to recall years ago the late W4AN convinced a few of his multi-op 
> competitors to shut off packet for a contest. I think it would be cool if 
> the multi-op teams, for just one contest, would shut off packet, skimmer, 
> and any outside assistance. It would be fascinating to see how the numbers, 
> especially multiplier totals, compare when the teams have to rely solely on 
> their own sleuthing and teamwork for those extra QSO's and mults.
> Ken K4ZW 
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