[CQ-Contest] new logging program available

Steve Lott lottsphoto at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 09:02:24 PST 2011

I applaud Tor for building this program

We need more innovation with technology
while N1MM continues to be my contest software of choice I want to see new
and choices of combined technology, non of which will happene without

Please guys do not let the discussion on Tor's contribution to be dragged
into a single op versus assisted tool
while yes we will need to look at how any technology can be fairly used, to
allow eevryone an equal playing field.

At this point with this tool it may be more important to encourage further
design and development of this software and other innovations versus raining
on their efforts with so versus assitsed arguments

At least applaud and encourage the innovators !!!

Happy New Year !


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