[CQ-Contest] Suggestions for RTTY RU

Barry w2up at comcast.net
Sun Jan 2 16:51:43 PST 2011

TOO is not a cut number or abbreviation.  It's your RTTY decoder missing 
the SHIFT character prior to sending the report.  Don't forget, even 
though you're typing in ASCII,  Baudot is a 5 bit code and there weren't 
enough bits to go around for unique coding.  If you do receive a letter 
sequence where numbers belong, just look at your keyboard and the number 
each letter represents is up and to the left.  For example, TOO = 599.  
ERT = 345, etc.
Barry W2UP

On 1/2/2011 12:27 PM, DickT-W0RAA wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Well, it's that time of the year and I hope everybody is getting ready for
> the ARRL RTTY Roundup Contest on January 8&  9.
> I'd like to make a couple suggestions or so:
> 1.  Please DO NOT use CUT NUMBERS in the Contest!
> 2.  Send 599, NOT 5NN or TOO!
> You're not saving any time with cut numbers and in RTTY they are totally not
> necessary.
> 3.  It's not necessary to send "Hi 'name', nice to hear u. Ur 599 in
> 'state/prov'.  Everybody knows their own name.  I know it's just a friendly
> gesture, but not necessary, and besides, you're wasting the time of the
> station you are communicating with at the time.  A simple TU 599
> 'state/prov' is all that's needed.  (All you'll get from me when I send my
> report is "URCALL TU 599 CO CO de W0RAA".  Add ur own call or the other
> stations call at the end if you like.  I prefer to use my own call.  But
> again, probably not necessary.
> These are just suggestions to hopefully speed things along in the contest.
> Being cordial is OK, but let's just do it after the contest.
> Oops, I almost forgot...
> 4.  Be sure to send your cabrillo files to logs at supercheckpartial.com when
> you submit your score for the contest.  It gets your call in the data base
> for future contests.
> Other than that, I hope to hear many of you again this year.  My beam came
> down in a fierce wind storm we had here in Colorado Springs on Dec. 3, 2010,
> so I'll be in the RTTY RU, just not as loud as I'd like to be.  I'll be
> using my Butternut HF-9V instead of the HyGain tri-bander.  I'm going to be
> putting up another tower and the hole is dug for it, but the nights have
> been cold here.  Waiting for a little warm-up to have the concrete poured.
> The beam will be a Cushcraft A3S and it will be on a Hazer2 Tram system for
> raising and lowering the beam&  rotor.  My rotor, a Ham V was not damaged in
> the tower fall.  Thank Heavens for ARRL insurance.  I got a settlement from
> them within 2 weeks and only had a $50 deductible.  My homeowners insurance
> would have covered it, but the deductible would have been $1000.  Ouch.  I
> hope to have it up in time for the CQ WW WPX RTTY in February, with any
> cooperation at all from our weather gods.
> See you all next weekend, I hope.  And good luck in the RTTY RU.
> 73,
> Dick
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