[CQ-Contest] NAQP vs ARRL RTTY Roundup

Bryon PAUL Veal n0ah bryonveal at msn.com
Tue Jan 4 09:35:15 PST 2011

Walking on egg shells here but.......I think the ARRL should have kept the 
"volunteer band plan allocations" on their most recent US Amateur Radio 
Bands published and passed out dated 3/26/2007.  To a new amateur op, or 
those seasoned amateurs looking to set precedent,  it looks wide open down 
to the bottom portions of each HF band with an Extra Class ticket:

Looking at the ARRL US Amateur Radio Bands Chart, dated 3/26/2007, one can 
operate RTTY and Digital on the following band
segments with an Extra class license:

1.800-2.000MHz  (General too)

I know the ARRL does not completely feel this way, as it has been explained 
to me several times, but it is allowable, and there are stateside ops who 
often CQ right on the edges of the bottom of the General CW windows and 
sometimes into the edges of the Extra class CW windows using various 
allowable digital modes- On 160M, it seems a volunteer band plan is well 
known and respected- What happen to the rest of HF? -  Without a volunteer 
band plan to go along with what are the FCC's allocations on the ARRL chart, 
we are just looking the other direction hoping new generations of amateurs 
figure it out from the QRM they may cause   (-:      (don't take me too 
seriously, I am saying this with a bit of dry humor ... that is pretty much 
most of my email, I just want to clear the air on this before getting 

I know, I know, the rest of the world has its limitations on band 
allocations etc......I'm just talking about here at home....Peace, let the 
Doves fly-

73 and good luck to everyone this weekend-  I'm watching football-

paul  N0AH..... I mean Fred, from Toronto- avid SWL listener-

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