[CQ-Contest] HRD and REMOTE Operation

Paul Mackanos - K2DB k2db at k2db.com
Sun Jan 9 08:46:04 PST 2011

Is there anyone out there that is using HRD in a remote mode, using Hamachi
to tunnel thru to the remote IP, and using the Radio Interface, CW keyer, DX
cluster and rotor control, all on 1 computer screen? I have been using
TRX-Manager, but I really like the radio interface of HRD and I am willing
to go thru the learning curve. 
I hope someone can help me out here, remembering that I am NOT at the remote
computer, but I do have full control of the computer via logmein.com. 
I know all of the com port assignments, etc, so I should be able to do this
without driving 200 miles to be there. 
Equipment I control remotely:
ICOM 746 Pro
Rigblaster Pro
Winkeyer USB
MicroHam Band Decoder for switching antenna automatically
EZ-Rotor Control
All cables, ports, etc are now up and running, so:
Help me play and have fun with HRD
Paul K2DB

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