[CQ-Contest] Power levels and TVI

Robert Brandon rb at austin.rr.com
Mon Jan 10 13:14:35 PST 2011

Good point, but a little tricky to make.

I once persuaded a neighbor of mine to let me try some chokes, etc. on his
equipment by explaining that I had zero interference to my own equipment
after doing this -- and pointing out that my equipment was much closer to my
antennas than his.

Robert K5PI

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I have been through this many times helping others-  maybe suggest a few 
things AFTER their cable provider comes out and they have a certified 
electrician check out their home for possible loose grounds, etc...- many 
companies can throw some chokes on their equipment cables at no cost to you-

remember, politely speaking, it is your neighbors problem, not yours- They 
need to take ownership of their equipment's problems- Cure 95% of what is 
happening, the remaining 5% becomes their 100% again- GL

73  paul  N0AH

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