[CQ-Contest] NAQP SSB and whats in a name?

Bryon PAUL Veal n0ah bryonveal at msn.com
Fri Jan 14 08:05:28 PST 2011

For a M/2 in NAQP SSB this weekend, trying to figure out how to handle the name situation between a 47 year old Dad and a 10 year old daughter, who has asked that we use her call for the contest, will be using the neutral gender name of  PAT.  Oh we looked at several, first thinking that Logan would be good, then we got some good advice to keep it simple...Chris came up but too many ways to spell it- You really can’t mess up Pat, unless someone was cruel enough to name their kid Patt, or worse, pronounced Pat but spelled Patte.    My parents gave me the first name of Bryon, people always screw it up and call me Byron, 99% of the time.  That is why I have always gone by Paul, my middle name.  But for this effort, PAT we will share, and hopefully Anna and I will not revert back to our name as the contest goes on.  PAT, what a nice name- we figure if we ever get a turtle, Pat will cover all the possible bases.  Thx all for the suggestions-

73  Paul  N0AH, I mean PAT, W0ANT!

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