[CQ-Contest] DXDoubler Question

DickT-W0RAA dickt at w0raa.com
Fri Jan 14 13:19:16 PST 2011

I hope I can get some help with my question.  I have several questions and 
it would probably be best if the  context was taken off the reflectors, 
unless you felt it could benefit other members.  If you would like to get a 
dialogue started and help me, you can e-mail me at w0raa[at]arrl.net.

That being said, I have the following questions to ask (And probably more):

I have a Yaesu FT-950 and a Yaesu FT-857D.  The 950 is my main radio, and 
the 857D is a backup.

My antennas consist of a Butternut HF-9V ground mounted vertical and soon 
(to replace a beam & tower that succumbed to 90 MPH winds) a Cushcraft A3S 
beam on a Rohn 25G as a replacement.  I will also be putting back up a Van 
Gordon Engineering 80 meter shortened dipole.

I would like to set up a SO2R contest setup and have been looking at the 
DXDoubler as a means of doing so.  At present I have to switch one radio out 
of service to listen on another band for activity, and that can be 
confusing, not to mention a time waster.  A DXDoubler looks like it might be 
a solution to my needs.  Will it be a simple setup?  What cables would I 
need? Etc, etc.

So, is anybody using a similar setup to mine (950, 857D, antennas, etc) that 
can offer me some guidance on how I should proceed and not break the bank, 
which would keep the XYL happy.  I know none of you guys have ever had that 
problem before, so I mention it as a possible hindrance.  :)

Any help or somebody saying I just don't have enough antennas to do it would 
be appreciated.  I live in an upscale mobile home retirement community here 
in Colorado Springs and they tolerate beams, verticals and such.  I try to 
stay as low key as possible even with their permission.

SO if you care to help I would be appreciative.

73 & Tnx,

w0raa[at]arrl.net   or   dickt[at]w0raa.com 

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