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Ramon Santoyo V. xe1kk at xe1kk.net
Sat Jan 15 21:40:28 PST 2011


I'm not familiar with the transport industry so let me go back to our initial topic:

1) I hope that XEs become multipliers in more contest. 

2) Contesting from Mexico is possible if you can deal with being multiop and comply with the 50% 50% rule for now.

3) I personally think, and I can only talk for myself, that all foreign licensed amateurs should be aloud to operate automatically in XE as it is done in many other countries. Maybe if we sign IARP one day this will be possible. 

CU all in the LQP next Wednesday... a FB contest!


Ramón, XE1KK

On Jan 15, 2011, at 8:49, Jimk8mr at aol.com wrote:

> We in the USA (at least in business and the government) now want to allow Mexicans to operate big semi-trailer trucks in the USA, but Americans can't operate an SSB transceiver in Mexico in a ham radio contest?  What's wrong with this picture?
> To Hector, Ramon, and the other XE hams, this is not an attack on you. It is a comment about the government(s) involved.
> 73   -   Jim   K8MR
> In a message dated 1/15/2011 9:37:05 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, j_hector_garcia at sbcglobal.net writes:
> Hi  Contesters
> In support  to  Ramon's  information, will like to share the Mexican Ham radio 
> Law translated  to English by   George Warren XE1/N9VIU
> you ca find here  http://www.qsl.net/oh2mcn/xelawen.pdf
> Will like to explain that CoFeTel (SCT)  use a guide where explain to them how 
> the permits and others Special  event call need to be issued, but that is
> internal  use  and is how they work.
> Will like to  headlight   the following articles :
> Art. 3     The rights and obligations germane to the licence are personal and 
> not transferable.
>    --- means only the person in the certificate can use it, NO  Mexican can 
> borrow "loan" "Rent" his call to other person  or use it like CLUB CALL.-----
> Art. 21  Related to reciprocal permits, the one the visitor do not like  or like 
> to IGNORE.
> Now here is the information,  there is no more  doubts, very clear, more 
> specific ask us and with pleasure will 
> provide the info or where you can ask to get a real answer.
> As Mexican our law is very old, not friendly and very  hard to deal,  a lot of 
> Mexican hams want to make a improvement in our law
> not only make changes, we need a better law that allow the ham population in 
> Mexico to grow, not to die only,  we are now  much less that 4000 hams
> in all Mexico with license, active hams much less.
> One of the things we want to change for good is the reciprocal permit, but  we 
> have no support from the visitors and the contest sponsors,  they don't care
> they operate where they want  the contest they like in the  way  his idea of 
> correct call  they think is correct  or the call they like   with no permit and 
> the contest  sponsor accept the log and later they are the NEW record from 
> Mexico, the sponsor do not care  for permits.
>   ARRL  and CQ Magazine  What is the fear to ask for permits ?    
> With this support to the Mexicans will be difficult  to them  deal with CoFeTel 
> and make it easy  to others operate from Mexico LEGALLY.
> A lot of  contesters think that is not big deal  be Legal in  Banana Republic, 
> their log  will be fine and maybe WIN a CONTEST!!!  and they
> continue using his  "compadre station and his call to support his club score and 
> give the mult", nobody will notice.
> Sorry but  Mexico is not Banana Republic and in my case, the one who  operate 
> with NO permit or PIRATE  is the same thing that Cheat,   I don't like 
> cheaters 
> The contest sponsor do not like cheaters but support Illegal operations as good 
> for contest, and also  will keep the  RECORDS for ever in his web page.(6D2X, 
> XE2/W5??? etc etc)
> After become enemy of a few and  hated for others, just my point of view, 
> because I follow rules even if I don't like at all, just want the others also 
> follow the rules  because is the way to play.
> J.Hector Garcia  XE2K / AD6D
> Mexicali B.C  DM22fp
> P.O.Box 73 
> El Centro CA 92244-0073
> http://xe2k.net

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