[CQ-Contest] 2011 MnQP - Warming up the spreadsheets

Robert Chudek - K0RC robert.chudek at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 19:52:47 PST 2011


There's a little more than 2 weeks before the next great adventure rolls 
out from a dozen frozen Minnesota driveways. If you haven't heard... 
it's the *2001 Minnesota QSO Party*!

Our webmaster, Pat Cahill, KØPC has been very busy bringing a new tool 
to the MWA website. If you haven't visited this page:  
you should take a few minutes to take a look. This is leading edge 
technology, folks!

Here's a quick overview:

Click the link above and you will be directed to a color coded map of 
Minnesota which shows all the county boundaries. The different colors 
represent "levels of activity" expected from each county. A red colored 
county will alert you that only ONE station will be active. Extra effort 
should be placed on getting that county QSO in your log. To the right 
you will find the color coding legend for expected activity.

Next, if you click on a county, a blue one for example, an info window 
will pop up showing the county name, its 3-letter abbreviation, and the 
list of stations expected in that county. In addition, you will see what 
modes will be active, and the begin & finish times listed to the right 
of each callsign. This information was provided by each MnQP station and 
represents their best estimate plan. This information window lists both 
fixed and mobile stations.

But wait... THERE'S MORE!!!

To the right side of the map is a menu with callsigns of the mobile 
stations who have reported their routes. Clicking one or more of the 
check boxes will produce colored routes on the map! You can zoom into 
any area by pointing to it and double clicking on the map.

When you scroll to the top of this web page you will see that APRS 
positions will be updating on this map for those mobile operators who 
have GPS systems installed. This feature will be turned on before the 
contest, possibly Friday night.

Pat has spent many hours working through the intricacies of the website 
development, Google map customization, and integrating APRS into this 
new tool. Your feedback is welcomed.

The Minnesota Wireless Association hopes you find this new tool 
innovative, fun and helpful. But most of all... turn on those radios and 
give us a call!

*Minnesota QSO Party
5-Feb-2011, Saturday
1400 ~ 2400 UTC*

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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