[CQ-Contest] Mult passing: is it okay to use?

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Tue Jan 25 05:22:11 PST 2011

This is very popular in VHF contests and passing a station to 2 or 3 additional bands is common. i have found this less common in HF contests and typically only see a 'wer are QRV' sent when on 20m asking to check their 15m frequency. At least with my modest setup and the current conditions, you might be wasting your time telling folks to try another band.

i am not aware of any rule preventing this and i don't see any reason it wouldn't be valid. 

K2DSL - David

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Mult passing: is it okay to use?

Hi group,

I'm a member of the PA6Z contest group and we're about to take up a 
technique that we haven't used earlier, namely that of multiplier 
passing. With this, I mean: asking a station on the band to QSY to 
another band, in order to also make a QSO on that other band.

Voices went up saying that the technique of multiplier passing would 
be not allowed to use in some / most / all contests. Or at the least 
that it was a technique that would be frowned upon by the contest community.

I am not aware of multiplier passing as being prohibited, or having a 
negative aura, and wonder if anyone of you has a definitive answer. 
And does the contest community frown upon the use of mult passing as 
a technique to increase the multiplier count?

Thank you, 73,

Frank PA4N

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